The Flight Deck

Fob 23

2007 single

The Flight Deck is the second PEM release and the only single from the Omega album.

Doing ‘singles’ was a really interesting exercise for me. As a record collector, I have a crapload of singles in my collection. My favourites have always been the ones that have more than five tracks on s single disc, it makes you feel you’ve got your money’s worth. For PEM, making singles was a great reason to remix, something that I had been doing for years anyway, mashing different things together, either of my own music or someone else’s. For “Flight Deck”, it was easy, since the song was a labour of love for me. I lived and breathed the track for almost two years solidly. So by the time I was ready start promoting, I had several versions already completed and had collaborators help me with others.

As a single product, this, along with some the other PEM singles and albums, was available for sale on various platforms such as BandCamp, until I took them down. There are other versions of both these songs, clicking on a link will take you to all iterations.

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The Flight Deck

The Flight Deck Suite

The Flight Deck
(Red Bull Edit)

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The Flight Deck
(YYZ Mix)

The Flight Deck
(Daniel B Turbulence Mix)

The Flight Deck
(YVR Dub)


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