The Remixes

I have amassed quite a collection of tribute remixes, many of which were posted to SoundCloud and YouTube. Most of them haven’t been taken down. Most of these were done under the pseudonym Earl Three (anagram of EtherReal), but some I did under my standard name.

When I do remixes, I channel the sensibilities of only the masters, and those who respect the music they are entrusted to. I like to keep as much of the feel and original structure of the original as possible. You should feel like you are getting the whole song when you listen to one of my remixes and not a bastardization (ie, I didn’t just slap a beat over top of it.) That is why I call them Tribute mixes.

Below, you will find a complete list

TruStyle Mixes

The TruStyle set of mixes I am quite proud of. For these, I have taken original multitrack of a song and used only those elements to create a remix. I allow myself the opportunity to elongate, edit or interweave any elements of the multitrack to create a mix, but I don’t add anything extra in terms of instrumention. If I use effects, they can only be effects that would have available or appropriate for the time when the record was released.

I have used the TruStyle format to create remixes of songs which never had 12″ versions and also songs which had 12″ version which I didn’t like.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Billy Idol
Talking Heads
The Police
The Human League
Grace Jones
New Order
Pet Shop Boys

Other Mixes

Michael Jackson
Tears For Fears
Linkin Park

Need You Tonight

Pet Shop Boys
Perpetual Emotion Machine vs. The Art Of Noise

Older EtherReal Mixes

The Art Of Noise