Waiting For The Axe To Fall

Key 43


from CTRL


Despite the context of the title, this piece was intended to be a lush and flowing major key opus depicting a moment of peacefulness and gratitude. Like walking through a park on a beautiful autumn afternoon. I was painfully aware by this time that good things had a tendency to be overshadowed by bad things and my brain had unfortunately learned never to get too comfortable with anything lest it get taken away. But this piece was meant to capture that calm before the storm, so I could later recall it when things when went sour.

This was one of only two 2001-era tracks available which I was able to remaster in 2006.

Fob 13
Lock 4301
Waiting For The Axe To Fall


The original album version.

Fob 19
Lock 4302
Waiting For The Axe To Fall (2006 Remaster)


The remastered edition.

Fob 20
Lock 472
Waiting For The Axe To Fall (Tiver Me Shimbers Mix)


A re-arranged ‘dub’ version based on the 2006 remaster.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©2001 Woof Boom Productions.