Tunnel Vision x

Key 18


From Headspace


It’s possible I was going for an Underworld vibe here, something along the lines of the “Dark & Long EP”. This wasn’t my favourite of the album at the time, but since then I’ve liked it more and more. It’s just a simple trance vibe, and the vocal samples added some depth that wasn’t there in my earlier stuff. I could have laid back on them a little though. There’s also a neat flange effect on the drum loop sample that happened completely by accident when I screwed up my looping envelope, so I decided to keep it in.

Fob 6
Lock 1801
Tunnel Vision


This is the original 1996 track, dropped directly from the MOD file.

Fob 19
Lock 1802
Tunnel Vision (2006 Remastered)


The 2006 remastered version has added effects and atmosphere and a stompier feel.

Fob 20
Lock 1803
Tunnel Dub


Based on the 2006 remaster; an alternate arrangement.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©1996 Woof Boom Productions.