Key 42


from The Flower Of Humanity


Throughout most of my life (but especially during the period where I was writing material for The Flower of Humanity), I was experiencing the effects of a panic disorder. The fallout from this was variously tolerable and devastating, depending on my ability to cope. During the period of 1999 – 2000, it was especially strong and I had been out of work for some time, unable to be reliable enough to maintain.

Tremor was initially composed and programmed during the throes of a full blown panic attack. I was unmedicated and didn’t have any other outlet to distract my self. At the time I was writing this, There were lyrics in my head, in the style of Maxi Jazz from Faithless. These did eventually get recorded later, but that version has been lost for some time.

Fob 11
Lock 4201


The original instrumental version of the song, without lyrics.

Lock 4202
Tremor (Vocal)


The later version with the recorded lyrics. Lost in the Ether — however, see below…

Lock 4203

Tremor (2023 Redux)


This version has been newly remastered from the original source material and an new vocal take has been added. Also additional turntablism elements. This more accurately resembles the final album version.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©2000 Woof Boom Productions.


My hands are shaking and my head explodes
It's a hyperactive overload
Running around all whacked out
What's it all about, I shout into the crowd
No one listens as they all walk by 
and I cry; my tears fall from the sky like acid
Down on my knees, I pray for release
and some peace
Never knowing when it will cease.

Images pass before my eyes
of hopes and dreams lost
And it seems that forever I will be here
Kneeling on the ground
Pulling at my hair
I swear I can't do this again
please let it end
I'm tired and I'm weak
I know not for what I seek
And no one gives a damn
that I'm a man
Walking on this earth without any plan

No one seems to feel the way I feel
Is it real?
Am I losing my grip on reality
A mental technicality
I'm sinking fast, I wont last another day
I need a place, an Island of serenity
with all the amenities of a better life
Get out of this abyss and bear witness 
To the tremors all around us
and remember the way it used to be