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Key 27


from Bite Me


This song began life as a remix of Home by Depeche Mode, which I had (naively) sent to them hoping it would be considered. I really enjoyed the song, but I was disappointed with most of the official remixes, so I wanted to do something I would like to have been released.The

The Techno Cow (cape not pictured)

Naturally, I took out all the Depeche Mode related samples for my version and replaced them with other things, but it always sounded substandard to me after that. So, in 2006 when I was remastering some of my tracks from Headspace, I did this one as well, and took the best elements of both versions and stuck them together. This remaster took the most amount of time out of all of them because the two versions were quite dissimilar in their composition. I also replaced a couple of sampled parts with newer instruments in FL Studio. Finally, I removed some completely useless and disjointed movie samples I stuck in for no reason, and replaced them with some from “Star Trek IV” samples and voila – I liked this one again.

The Technocow is a stuffed cow I won at a traveling carnival back several years before this track was written. I put a blue cape on him and he lived in my apartment for the longest time, sitting on the stereo, so thus he became the Techno Cow. He had been known to dance mirthfully whenever the right music was playing.

Lock 2700
Home (EtherReal TechnoCow Remix)

Depeche Mode

This is the original Depeche Mode remix in all its flawed glory.


written by Martin L. Gore. performed by Depeche Mode. produced by Tim Simenon. remix and additional production by EtherReal.

Fob 10
Lock 2701


This is the opening track from 1998’s Bite Me.


Fob 19
Lock 2702
TechnoCow (2006 Remastered)


This is the revamp, with the new FL Studio Parts and the best elements of the Depeche Mode and EtherReal arrangements included.

Fob 20
Lock 2703
TechnoCow (Alternate Mix)


This is a different take on the 2006 arrangement.

Fob 20
Lock 2704
TechnoCow (Instrumental)


The 2006 remaster without the new added parts.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©1998 Woof Boom Productions.