Key 25

Revenant / EtherReal

from Headspace


I considered this track unfinished when I assembled the album, but I needed to fill up some space. It was too sparse and although it had potential, it didn’t go anywhere — until I revamped it for another remix project.

I wrote this with my first girlfriend in mind. We had been dating and then living together since 1990, and we were about to be married in 1994 but the relationship fell through. This was my term of endearment for her.

Shortly after I finished the Headspace album, I was working with a local band, and they wanted to work on some remixes of the album tracks with me, and when I was trying to come up with ideas, I discovered that this track fit perfectly with his first intended single. So this became a Revenant remix, and it’s much better that way. It also explains why the only version I have of this now is the Revenant remix demo — it’s original incarnation was much more simple.

Sweetie was not included in the remastered series, since the original MOD file was lost.


lock 2500R
Buried Alive (EtherReal Turning To Dust Remix)


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