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Slave To The Rhythm

I was not a fan of this song when it came out, it wasn’t in my genre at the time, so I was hardly aware of it. Then then as I became more interested and familiar with the ZTT label and Trevor Horn in general, it became a point of interest. I found it odd that there was not more than one remix of this (‘Blooded’) for the single. I was used to Trevor’s unhealthy amount of experimentation. But at this point, I was not yet familiar with the Grace Jones album of the same name which, it turns out, it eight different interpretations of the same song.

So when I saw the multitrack fall from the sky, I immediately went to work on a Trevor Horn styled remix. Nothing was added to this apart from effects. I found a very nice (I think) unused string arrangement at the end that I made a significant contributor to the atmos.

Lock R410
Slave To The Rhythm (Earl Three’s TruStyle 12” Mix)

Grace Jones