Seven Minute Armada

Key 36


from Bite Me


This is literally my favourite track on the album. My first idea was to create a groove based on the drum loop from Paid in Full by Eric B & Rakim (which of course was sampled from somewhere else. Eventually it became this jazzy sounding shuffle with a funky bassline that I was really happy with.

The second chords phrasing of the main hook was later reused on my Perpetual Emotion Machine track Nirasha.

The song features a tone-poem entitled Mindgames recited by me and written by my sister (who also later wrote the lyrics to Where Are You under the Perpetual Emotion Machine banner).

The title of the song was the result of a dream. I didn’t remember anything about the dream when I woke up except for that phrase. It was nonsensical to me, but I decided it would be the title to the next song I completed regardless of what it was.


lock 3601
fob 10
Seven Minute Armada


lock 3602
Seven Minute Armada (Reinforcements)