Lethal / Not Alone

Key 6

from Candor



Although the bones of this song were composed in the early 90s, Lethal was brought forward for production shortly after I completed work on The Unforetold as one of my rare attempts to write something a traditional song format. I was definitely inspired by Pet Shop Boys when I wrote this. In the 2010s, they were continuing to come out with these amazing simple dance/pop songs harkening back to their earlier days and I wanted to do something similar. I’m not sure if I intended then for it to be on an album or not, it was more of an exercise to keep my production skills from atrophying. But what I do remember is that I was approached to write some demos for a possible musical version of The Terminator that was coming out, and this was one of them. The musical did ultimately get finished, my song did not until much later.

I completed this song in 2023 and the lyrics are about a relationship I once had wherein sentiments and commitments expressed at the beginning did not prove lasting once circumstances changed. So it is about a failure of trust. I had had this lyrical idea about writing a “he said/she said” kind of song, and this was the result. It was included on the Candor album.

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Lethal (Demo)

Perpetual Emotion Machine

The original demo from 2012, instrumental.

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Not Alone (2022 Demo)


A revised instrumental demo which became the bones for the version on Candor.

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fob 2
Not Alone


The album version from Candor.


written, produced and arranged by Key. ©2023 KeyFob Productions.


You said I was the one who
Was tailored for you
That’s why you came to find me
I said that it could be true
And before I knew
I found that you made me believe
You said that you’d be with me
If not for some things
I’d never sacrifice
And I said that this was my best
And then you soon left
And now I just remain alone
Once I felt we had something real
I tried to tell you how I feel
This solitude was never part of the deal
Concepts becoming nonsense
Under the pretense
Of this great confusion
You think I didn’t love you
But what could I do
When your truth was self-fulfilling
These feelings weren’t just in my mind
But I chose to willfully be blind
Now I’m happy to be left behind