La Reunion Que N’Etais Jamais / Reunion

Key 42

EtherReal / Perpetual Emotion Machine

From The Flower Of Humanity / Omega

2000 / 2006

This was, in energy level, the companion piece to Sacrament, in 6/8 timing. Again, the intention was to channel Juno Reactor energy. Starting off with only a couple of parts, the track eventually builds until there is hih energy.

An edit of this was completed for the unreleased ‘greatest misses’ compilation Collexion.

Later, when I was working on Omega as Perpetual Emotion Machine, I had intended for my cover version of Memphisto by Depeche Mode to be on the record, but obviously copyright was an issue. So I pulled La Reunion from the rubble and reproduced it with FL Studio, adding new piano elements. It was seamlessly mixed into the completed version of The Flight Deck to create an 19 minute long pairing.

The title of the song is loosely based on a planned encounter with a new flame which aggressively backfired (the reunion that never was).


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La Reunion Que N’Etais Jamais


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La Reunion Que N’Etais Jamais (edit)


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Perpetual Emotion Machine