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March Of The Hurtbags

Key 52

Perpetual Emotion Machine

from Omega


During all the time I spent being depressed and not able to visit with my daughter, I fell down a spiral of apathy, caring only really to indulge in music. It was around this time that I met my now best friend and we were both in similar positions in life. We took to drinking together — more than we should have — and generally trying to cheer each other up.

Originally entitled ‘Amygdala’, March Of The Hurtbags is dedicated to those times we spent together, which were both awesome and pitiful at the same time. Since then, we have both improved our situations, but looking back on those days, this song more than ever illustrates to me the path to self-destruction we were both on with drinking and drugs and mindless escapism, really just desperately trying to find and grasp on to the thing that would pull us out of the way of the train wreck.

Fob 17
Lock 5201
March Of The Hurtbags

Perpetual Emotion Machine

This is the only version of the song completed.


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine. ©2007 Woof Boom Productions.