Kaleigh’s Song / Potes Dormire

Key 61

Perpetual Emotion Machine / Key

from Luz En Oscirudad / Candor

2007 / 2023

This track was first available on the digital single for Luz En Oscuridad by Perpetual Emotion Machine. The term best used to describe this composition would be a requiem — music written to honor those who have passed on.

This song was written after my family suffered the loss of a child who unfortunately did not make it to her first birthday. I was so overcome with grief that I could not talk, or write or do any kind of communication except for composing this piece. I was not able to listen to this track for many years because of the rawness of the tragedy.

This was a single session and it was finished in just under 3 hours. It has obviously very somber tonality and is very classically phrased — making it the perfect counterpoint to Luz En Oscuridad, which was also very classically inspired. But this was something I have never attempted before, this style of music. I realize requiems are religious in nature, but never having been that deeply involved in such things, this is just my interpretation of it.

In 2023, while searching for the best of my catalog of original compositions, I felt this was appropriate, and was compelled to try to add to it using additional parts and vocals. So it serves as an interlude on the Candor album linking the first and last parts of the album. The vocal style was inspired by Andy Bell of Erasure. The lyrics were written in Latin, but since I do not speak it, it may not be fully accurate. The new title of the song translates as “you can sleep” and is meant to infer a lullaby as well as a piece of mourning.

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Lock 6101
Kaleigh’s Song

Perpetual Emotion Machine

The original version.


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine. ©2007 Woof Boom Productions.

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Lock 6102
Potes Dormire


The Key version, with additional parts. Title has been changed to reflect the Latin lyrics written for the piece.


written, produced and arranged by Key. ©2023 Woof Boom Productions.