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Perpetual Emotion Machine

2020 collection

These to have been culled from the Perpetual Emotion Machine discography between 2006 and 2010 and represent my favourite tracks that I’ve produced, and special attention has been paid to songs which feature collaborations with other performers and musicians. Each collection is in the form of a zip file and contain album art including credits (as below).

The first is a selection of album and non-album tracks which best represent the work I have done, including the shorter ‘single’ versions of Bad Day and The Flight Deck. Also a part of this collection is Kaieigh’s Song, a piece I wrote during that time which has not been widely distributed.

Listen to :It_Was

The second is a collection of remixes — not necessarily of songs on the other collection, just ones that I like. Despite the various remix credits, all of them are just me under different names. But you will find there are varying styles of production and genre on these tracks.

Listen to ?WAS_IT

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The Flight Deck
(YYZ Remix)

Where Are You
(The Immaculate Contraption Remix)


Luz En Oscuridad

Bad Day
(Earl Three’s Earban Mix)

(Live Jamix)

Port Moody
($150 Version)

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