Key 46


from CTRL


My original concept for CTRL was for all the tracks to be titled as BASIC code blocks (or some variation of those). I was harkening back to my days using the C64 computers and I suppose I had an idea that each of the tracks would be an executable program when entered in order. I did abandon this idea but the PEEK command stayed within the title of this song.

The song is a simple phrasing with a common root and the style is more about the percussive elements than the melody. It has a but of a middle-eastern vibe in the bassline.

Peek and ‘Orrble It Is, both on this album are inspired by each other in mood and arrangement, but not so much that you would notice.

Fob 13
Lock 4601
Peek 111272


The original album version.

Lock 4602
Peek 230483


An unreleased alternate ‘dub’ version which uses Fairlight CMI samples in the style of a well known Art Of Noise song.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©2001 Woof Boom Productions.