No Sleep Til Bassline / Hanging A Horse By Its Two Front Legs

Key 18


From Pieces of 8 / The Flower Of Humanity

1995 / 2000

A very silly track but one I like. A simple breakbeat and percussion, and a random sample playing the melody. There is no bassline sample in the first mix, thus the title.

I redid this for The Flower Of Humanity, and really fleshed it out into a dance track, adding new parts, samples and beats. This incarnation uses only one sample from the original track, the bell/xylo sound. The organ sample at the start makes it sound very stadium worthy, in an Orbital sort of way. This might also be the first time I ever used any 303 type sounds in a track. Sad but true. Also I was beginning to use wave editing software to do post production on some of this stuff.

“Hanging a Horse” is another one based on a dream. I had a dream where, yes, you guessed it, a horse was being suspended by a rope from its forelegs. Having said that, no horses were harmed during the writing of this track.


lock 1801
fob 2
No Sleep Til Bassline


lock 1802
fob 11
Hanging A Horse By Its Two Front Legs