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From Headspace


This song has a very long history. Having written songs since the late 80’s, I’d acquired a stock pile of scores that had not yet been laid down in a tangible format. I simply transcribed them by hand onto staff paper so I would not forget them. At some point in the early 90’s, my friend’s mother bought a Roland electric piano, one that had sequencing capabilities, so I asked her to let me have a session with it for a couple of afternoons, and proceeded to take the rudimentary music I’d scored and translate it to the keyboard. I did this one and one other track that has since been lost.

When I sat down at the instrument to lay this down, I only had a chord progression and a main melody line. I had no idea what I was going to flesh it out with. It was the first time I ever had to think about composing a song from the ground up, and I remember being pretty impressed with what came out. It wasn’t what I had heard in my mind however. This version sounded, to me, like something Jan Hammer might have done for the Miami Vice Soundtrack.

When it came time to learn how to use FastTracker, in 1995, I pulled out some of the old scores again, and picked this one to work on. That version of the track contained the original melody line that, on the 1991, version was sequenced using a steel drum patch. I was never really happy with the electric piano sample I replaced it with, but I was pleased with new vibe that I gave all the other parts.

Meanwhile, the tape I recorded the original 1991 demo onto was lost for almost five years, which was terribly tragic for me, but I ended up unearthing it again sometime around 1998, and quickly mp3’ed it for posterity.

Along comes 2006, and I remastering he Headspace tracks, and I really, really still hated the electric piano sample as well as the melody. So I scratched it, and replaced it with an entirely new instrument and melody. At the time, I was involved in the beginning stages of a dark trance vocal project, and was tasked to write some preliminary demos. I thought Nightgames  might translate well, and the new melody was written to more easily accommodate a female singer. The project failed before it started, but I kept the new line, and put it in the remaster.

Fob 1
Lock 0
Nightgames (Roland Rough Mix Demo)


This is the first recorded music I ever laid down, in 1991. Everything but the melody was sequenced; the melody was played live. The timing is a little off because I was reaching the outer limit of polyphony for the sequencer.


written by Key. was not produced.

Fob 6
Lock 001
Nightgames (Original Version)


This is the version which has the e-piano melody I have since grown to hate. But this line was the original melody I scored in the 80s, before I ever recorded it.

Fob 19
Lock 002
Nightgames (2006 Remastered)


This is the remastered version with the new melody line, which was actually dubbed over using a soft synth in FL Studio.

Fob 20
Lock 003
Nightgames (Alone Mix)


Based on the 2006 remaster, this is a more minimal/ambient take on the track.

Fob 20
Lock 004
Nightgames (Instrumental)


This is the 2006 remaster without any melody at all.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©1996 Woof Boom Productions.