Need You Tonight

This is a classic hit by INXS from 1987. It was a single and had some great remixes by Julian Mendelsohn and Ben Liebrand. I had started this remix at least a year and a half ago from the time of this post, but I kept putting it away until I had proper inspiration. in the late 80s and early 90s, INXS remixed a few of their earlier tracks (like Coldcut’s mix of “What You Need”) and my goal was to do something like that. So I changed most of the background percussion to a shuffle and added some loops and samples to give it a kind of turntablism feel.

This was a hard track to work with because there is so little of it, and there is a lot of repetition, but I think this works and is totally what I was going for.

Lock R435
Need You Tonight (Earl Three’s 90s Style Remix)



written by A. Farris/M. Hutchence. produced by Bob Clearmountain and Chris Thomas. additional production and remix by Earl Three.