Liberate Me / Liberatis X

Key 16


From Pieces Of 8 / Bite Me

1995 / 1998

This is one the songs that began as one idea, and was retooled later as something completely different. I wasn’t listening to much 808 State at the time I wrote this in 1994, but i always it sounded like something from their early days. There’s not much to the original version, but it was enough for me to revisit this track in 1998. I thought it was a decent enough vibe and I could add a little more depth to it. So I pilfered the famous Grandmaster Flash megamix track for one of my favourite loops, and then I was off. This song is basically all about the loop, the rest of just window dressing. I cut it up, sped it up, slowed it down and it sounded great to me.

lock 1601
fob 2
Liberate Me


lock 1602
fob 10