Key Catalog

FOB1The Roland Demos (1993)Keyunreleased live recordings of instrumental performances.
Fob2Pieces of 8 Vol. 1 (1994)EtherRealScreamTracker mods from 1994.
Fob3Pieces of 8 Vol. 2 (1995)EtherRealFastTracker mods from 1995.
Fob4Upgraded 8 (1995)EtherRealScreamTracker Mods ported to FastTracker.
Fob5Moebius Alpha (1996)EtherReal2 remixed mods and a collaboration appearing on a CD complilation.
Fob6Headspace (1997)EtherRealFastTracker mods – album.
Fob7Remixedspace (1997)EtherReal2 remixes from Headspace (unreleased)
Fob8Good Thing (1997)Etherremix contract for BMG artist Masters of Vision.
Fob9Revenant (1997)Ether3 remixes of album tracks for independant artist Revenant.
Fob10Bite Me (1997)EtherRealFastTracker mods – album.
Fob11The Flower Of Humanity (1998)EtherRealFastTracker mods – album.
Fob12Remixes of Humanity (1998)EtherRealAlternate versions of the Tracks from The Flower Of Humanity.
Fob13Collexion (1999)EtherRealCompilation album.
Fob14CTRL (2000)EtherRealFastTracker mods – album.
Fob15I Want You Now (2000)EtherRealunreleased Depeche Mode cover.
Fob16Ob3lisk (2001)Etherco-writing and remix production for artist Ob3lisk.
Fob17Omega (2006)Perpetual Emotion MachineAlbum.
Fob18Enjoy (2007)Earl ThreeDepeche Mode cover album.
Fob194×4 (2007)Earl ThreeErasure/Eurythmics cover EP.
Fob20EtherReal ReProduced (2007)EtherReal‘Remastered’ tracks collection (FastTracker mods multitracked and remixed).
Fob21EtherReal ReArranged (2007)EtherReal‘Remastered’ tracks collection (FastTracker mods multitracked and remixed/dubbed).
Fob22Glory (2008)Perpetual Emotion MachineRemix Album/EP.
Fob23The Flight Deck (2008)Perpetual Emotion MachineSingle from Omega.
Fob24Luz En Oscuridad (2008)Perpetual Emotion Machine vs. AGWSingle (collaboration with artist AGW.
Fob25The Unforetold (2009)Perpetual Emotion MachineAlbum.
Fob26Bad Day (2009)Perpetual Emotion MachineSingle/EP.
Fob26VBad Day (2011)Perpetual Emotion MachineVideo for the single (produced later)
Fob27Chain Chain Chain (2009)Perpetual Emotion MachineSingle/EP.
Fob28Excursion (2010)Single/EP.Single/EP.
Fob29The Petite FoursKeyBacking track production and live performance with artist The Petite Fours.
Fob30EtherReduxEtherRealRecration of EtherReal back catalog tracks (ongoing).
Fob31Reduxxed & RemixxedEtherRealNew interpretations of EtherReal back catalog tracks (ongoing).
Fob32DiatribalDiatribalNew project.