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Into Thee

Key 23


From Headspace


I was definitely going for Leftfield here. I was really into their first album at the time. There’s nothing about this that doesn’t scream “Leftism”. Anyhow, I was starting to dig deeper for samples other than just drum loops. Mind you, I was fairly impressed with myself on using the Beatles loop, thinking no one else had used it before. 

Fob 6
Lock 2301
Into Thee


This is the original MOD, dropped as it was in 1996.

Fob 19
Lock 2302
Into Thee (2006 Remastered)


The track in its 2006 remastered form.

Fob 20
Lock 2303
Into Dub


The 2006 alternate arrangement based on the remastered mix.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©1996 Woof Boom Productions.