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Insidious / Free To Leave

Key 80
From Candor

The bones for Insidious were written in 2016, when I was trying out sounds for the Worry Box project as Perpetual Emotion Machine. I was wanting to have a rap vocalist write material for this arrangement, and there were a couple of attempts, but nothing came to fruition at that time.

After it sit for a bit with various ideas not really fleshing out, I pulled this track among others from the archives to perform live at a private event with Jay Macdonald, where he and I did a piano jam over the track. It was very well received.

Then, in a flurry of creative thought, I write lyrics for this. I really loved the tone and the feel of the track and wanted to include it on Candor, but did not want another instrumental piece on there since it was meant to be a vocal album. So, it became Free To Leave, and the lyrics really served to set the context for the rest of the songs on the album, and the journey for the listener as well.

The first title of the song, Insidious, was always meant to indicate a particular emotion, that of frustration of that little voice or train of thought in your head that tells you you are nothing, and prevents you from becoming better. If you know, you know.

Lock 8000
Insidious (Original Demo)


This original arrangement from 2016 is vocal-less and has only the sequenced parts created.

Lock 8001
Insidious (The Live Occurance)

Key / Jay Macdonald

The variant of the song which was performed live in 2023. Not appearing.

Lock 8002
Free To Leave (August 2023 Demo)


Prelude to the final album version, with vocals and live keyboard performances. To be released.


written, produced and arranged by Key.