Happens All The Time

Earl Three
Depeche Mode cover

This is a cover of a lesser known Depeche Mode non-album track from the Delta Machine period. This was done in a single session and the vocals were recorded through a very lo-fi webcam microphone since there was nothing else available at the time. The original version was more in keeping with the other songs they were releasing at the time; I added the trap/DnB elements as my own personal expression.

2014 was the hardest year I’ve experienced. Early on, a very special person was taken from me, suddenly, and I was thrown into a deep depression from which I very nearly didn’t recover. I was struggling to write music in the hopes I could distract myself and empty my head, but I was seriously blocked. I ended up doing several covers during this period, but this was the first. I’m not entirely sure what the song is about, but at the time in that moment, it perfectly captured my emotions and creating this cover helped me through a particularly dark day.


written by Dave Gahan/Kurt Uenala. produced, arranged and performed by Earl Three.


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