Good Thing (Vlev & Ether Remix – Alternate)

lock 2400RA

Masters Of Vision

Version of All Messed Up


This remix (for which I was paid $100 by the producer) took eight hours and was done entirely at the Omniverge studio (no trackers anywhere to be found). The original song was quite pop/dance and straight down the middle, I wanted to do something that was a little reminiscent of the early 90’s. This version was released on 12″ vinyl as a BMG promo in 1996.

This mix is identical to the 12″ promo version, except that is has fewer lyrics in the bridge. It was recorded to cassette from DAT after the session and was not the version released by BMG.



written by Daymond/Digiorgio. produced by Brad Damon for The Abstract Intellect and Smash for Chapter Two Productions. remix and additional production by Vlev and Ether for Nutrino Music.