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Futility / Fertility

Key 72
Key / Perpetual Emotion Machine

This track is (semi-)unique in that it is being used for two artist monikers. Originally, this was written without a particular project in mind — but eventually it was intended for Perpetual Emotion Machine‘s cancelled Worry Box project, then as a track for an as-yet-unreleased ibigibi album The Depths. Its first appearance in any formal project is in a truncated and minimalized form as opening and closing tracks for Candor, the Key vocal album project, where the arrangement has been stripped down into 2 minute bites. But originally, the demo was very much a hard drum and bass jazz composition with some really aggressive energy.

Eventually, this will become this again when it appears on the Perpetual Emotion Machine album Here We Go, which is slated for a 2024 release.

Lock 7200
Futility (Original Demo)

Perpetual Emotion Machine

The original demo which appeared on SoundCloud.

Lock 7201
Futility (Demo 2)

Perpetual Emotion Machine

An alternate demo with a different set of loops and synths. Unreleased.

Lock 7202
Futility / Fertility


The first and last tracks from Candor, minimalized from the original arrangement, focusing more on the jazz bits. To be released.


written, produced and arranged by Key.