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Every Breath You Take

I’ll be honest here and say that I don’t recall ever liking this song, or if I did, I grew tired of it long ago after repeated exposure. All the time, I wanted to try and create a version of it that I could enjoy listening to in spite of myself. So within the context of creating a period-specific remix worthy of being released in 1983, I pumped up the drums and gave them more focus for a ‘dance mix’ style extended version. Since there is not a lot of lyrical complexity to the song, I had to make sure that it was not too repetitive for a 7-minute mix and that was a challenge in and of itself. But at the end of it, I deemed this experiment as a success.

Lock 360
Every Breath You Take (Earl Three’s TruStyle 12″ Mix)

The Police


written by Sting. produced by Hugh Padgham. additional production and remix by Earl Three.