End Of Line

Key 43

EtherReal / Ibigibi

From The Flower Of Humanity / TBA

2006 / 2019

End Of Line is what I consider EtherReal’s triumphant return to Drum & Bass. Heavily inspired by Rufig Cru and Goldie, this is my favourite track from the collection. The off beat ruler-bass sample really make the song pop. At the time I was working off a friend’s computer and had access to all of his collected samples and such for FT2, so I was able to layer and add things easily and inspiration was plentiful.

The song was recently reincarnated in a more modern sounding D&B style — this was done outside of the EtherReal umbrella, for an as yet unknown purpose.


lock 4301
fob 11
End Of Line


lock 4302
End Of Line (Demo)


lock 4303
End Of Line (VIP)