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Key 17


From Headspace


This song was the last of the techno/rave stuff I had in me from the 8-bit realm. I didn’t do another jungle or drum’n’bass track for a while after this.

This started out as a track called Durge, which was a slowish spooky electro piece, with some 909 drums in, then I got bored with it and put it away for a while. A little later, a fellow tracker said, quite plainly, ‘make me a jungle track!’ so I did. I took this one out again and transformed it into a jungle tune, which ended up being called Durge4D.

Both tracks were the same basic four chord progression and bassline, just with different intensity levels, so at one one point I put them together, slow then fast, and that became the St. Louis Procession Version (for some reason). Then when it came time to put Headspace together, I took the slow part off the beginning again and called the track Durge4N (the ‘N’ was for a girl I was seeing at the time).

Finally, in 2006, I remastered the track with the slow and fast parts back together again as they were in the St. Louis Procession Mix.

Despite all of these versions, not a single one of them has DIRGE spelled correctly.

Lock 1700


The original slow version, lost, along with the Ark of the Covenant.

Lock 1701
Durge 4D


The fast version, lost, just like my sense of normalcy.

Lock 1703
Durge (St. Louis Procession Version)


This was the combination of the above two versions.

Fob 6
Lock 1704
Durge 4N


This was the shorter album version which incorporated most of the elements of the two above iterations.

Fob 19
Lock 1705
Durge (2006 Full Length Remastered)


This is essentially the St. Louis Procession Version with a new mixdown.

Fob 20
Lock 1706
Durge (Minimal)


This is based on the 2006 remaster, an alternate, stripped-down arrangement.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. © 1996 Woof Boom Productions.