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Key 7


From Pieces of 8


I think that I was trying to go for a jungle vibe here, something like Acen, or Krome & Time, both of whom I was listening to at this period… but basically it was an excuse to use this classic Prince sample. “Damn” was one of the ones that was picked up for the Moebius Alpha compilation of 1996, although I retracked it for that CD, and replaced a crappy piano sample with a different instrument and sequence.

Lock 700
Damn! (Original Version)


The original tracker file used slightly different samples. Since it was one of my earliest mods, they were not of great quality. Lost forever in the Ether….

Fob 2/5
Lock 701
Damn! (8-Bit Version 2)


This is the only version of this left. The only difference is that the samples have been upgraded and a piano part has been replaced with a synth shot near the middle of the track. This was the version which appeared on Moebius Alpha.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©1994 EtherReal Productions.