Whevever I wasn’t feeling creative or inspired to work on my own stuff, I often opted to create remixes or cover versions just to keep my head in the game. This practise stems back to the early days when I was still doing MODs in trackers. But over time, doing covers has become an alter-ego and has allowed me to flex another talent besides production.

Below is a list of all the cover versions I’ve done, those that I felt were appropriate to showcase have been linked.

I Want You Now

Depeche Mode

2001: This was not me singing, but it was my first attempt at a cover version production, and the first of many Depeche Mode songs.

  • I Want You Now (Time To Kill)
  • I Want You Now (Time Killed)
  • I Want You Now (Killing Time)

Enjoy (9 tracks)

Depeche Mode

This was a concentrated effort to create a Depeche-themed album of covers. I did this for a friend. Many of the songs were just sung over Karaoke tracks, but some I produced myself.

  • Enjoy The Silence (Hands & Feet Mix)
  • I Feel Love
  • Somebody
  • One Caress
  • Only When I Love Myself
  • Halo
  • The Darkest Star
  • Enjoy The Silence (Ecstatic Dub)
  • Policy Of Truth (NuCapitol Mix)


An EP of two songs and two dubs.

  • Ghost
  • Ghost (Dub)
  • Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)
  • Beethoven (I Dub 2)
Happens All The Time

Depeche Mode

Drum and Bass interpretation of this recent B-side song.


Depeche Mode

Another B-side with a bit of a harder take than the original.

My Kind Of Woman

Mac DeMarco

My daughter wanted to sing this one over a Karaoke track, but I remixed a new version with her vocals afterward.

  • My Kind of Woman (Bad Chain Remix)
  • My Kind of Woman (Bad Chain Instrumental)
Crazy English Summer


Recorded a new version/remix of this both with and without Dido’s vocals attached as a duet.

Dream On

Depeche Mode

This production is based on the Dave Clarke remix.

Boy, Boy, Boy


First attempt at a cover of this single from Oblivion With Bells, but I wasn’t very happy with it.


Pet Shop Boys

This B-side cover takes a more ambient approach to the song.

Love Is A Catastrophe

Pet Shop Boys

Slightly more electro cover of this album track from Release.


Fleetwood Mac

Showcased only for the vocals.


New Order

This was created by special request. A dub-style production.


New Order

Straight-ahead recreation of this B-side.

The Patience Of A Saint


Electro cover. Me singing both parts of this Sumner/Tennant track from 1989.

The Power Of Love

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Used elements from the original score to create this dancefloor remix cover with original vocals.

Outer Space Girl

The Beloved

Straight-up recreation. Jon Marsh said it was pretty good.

Occupy Your Mind

Pet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield

Started as a remix, became a cover.



Done as a tribute Maxi Jazz in 2022.