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Category: Remixes

Rebel Yell

It was always surprising to me that Billy Idol never released a 12″ version of this classic track, so when I found the multitrack, I…

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As with the other TruStyle remixes, I wanted to make this one as faithful to the original as possible. So I only used elements from…

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Breaking The Habit

This remix was created using only elements from the multitrack recording. I have always loved this song and thought that underneath the aggressive drums, there…

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The Remixes

I have amassed quite a collection of tribute remixes, many of which were posted to SoundCloud and YouTube. Most of them haven’t been taken down.…

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Key 27 EtherReal from Bite Me 1998 This song began life as a remix of Home by Depeche Mode, which I had (naively) sent to…

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Key 21 EtherReal from Headspace 1996 I considered this track unfinished when I assembled the album, but I needed to fill up some space. It…

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