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Key 57 Key From Candor 2006 I worked on this originally in 2006, although the actual idea to make the song is much older than…

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Fob 39 Key 2023 Candor is the first release by Key, which contains mainly lyrical pieces; a departure from previous albums under the Perpetual Emotion…

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Key 83 Key from Candor 2023 Outside as a complete song concept was written during the first part of the pandemic, somewhere in mid-2020, but the…

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Key is the umbrella name for all my projects, and the name under which my latest lyrical project, Candor, is placed. Over the years, I…

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Showing Me

Fob 34 Key 2023 Single Showing Me is the first release from the Candor project by Key. It is a love song for the dancefloor,…

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