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Fob 14 ETHERREAL 2001 Collection I was essentially ready to hang up the EtherReal moniker by the end of 2000 (this was prior to the…

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Fob 13 ETHERREAL 2001 In the latter part of 2000, I began working on a variety of projects, some for myself and some for other…

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Bite Me

ETHERREAL 1998 Fob 10 By the time that I was ready to start the next collection, I was considering myself proficient at Fast Tracker, and…

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Fob 6 EtherReal 1996-1997 I had been using Scream Tracker for at least a year, and its limitations were blatantly apparent, so I found that…

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Pieces Of 8

Fob 2 EtherReal 1994-1995 This is the de facto umbrella (or album) for the tracks I created between 1994 and 1995. all of this material…

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