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Breaking The Habit

This remix was created using only elements from the multitrack recording.

I have always loved this song and thought that underneath the aggressive drums, there was a beautiful melody and almost symphonic undertone to the piece. I was drawing on the production sensibility of Trevor Horn when I undertook this and arranged the remix accordingly, almost as though it were The Power Of Love — an instrumental first half, beginning only with the strings, gradually adding other elements and playing the whole arrangement through once before starting again at the beginning with the vocal version. I resequenced the drums to play at half the speed of the original and didn’t bring them full on until the very last minute. This is one of the tribute remixes I am most happy with.

Lock R330
Breaking The Habit (Earl Three’s Empty Chamber Mix)

Linkin Park


written and performed by Linkin Park. produced by Don Gilmore, Linkin Park. originally mixed by Andy Wallace. strings arranged by David Campbell, Mike Shinoda. additional production and remix by Earl Three.