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Brand New Dawn

Key 39


from The Flower Of Humanity


After the decidedly dark anxiety-ridden tone of the previous tracks, I though it was appropriate to end the album on a bit of a major key. This was inspired by a myriad of trance artists I was listening to at the time, including Paul Van Dyk. It transitions from the major key to the minor in the middle section which adds a bit of depth to the arrangement, but overall this is a very uplifting piece, mainly due to the fact that I began working on it in the very early hours of January 1, 2000 (once it was confirmed that Y2K was in fact a load of bullshit).

It was later edited down for the unreleased Collexion hits collection.

Fob 11
Lock 3901
Brand New Dawn


The original version from The Flower Of Humanity.

Fob 13
Lock 451
Brand New Dawn (Edit)


The edit version from Collexion.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©2000 Woof Boom Productions.