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This is one of the earliest songs I wrote, dating back to 1991, before I even had the ability to sequence or record anything. I had to score it on staff paper to preserve it. It was not until 2001 where I rediscovered it to turn it into something. Prior to this, it did not have a title, but I was into VNV Nation and IDM at the time, so it was done in that style. The original composition had a basic melody which I was ultimately unhappy with, thus it was not included for the 2001 track and my view of the song was that it was remained consistently unfinished.

A few years later, a band I was associated with called Ob3lisk was writing songs and I was assisting in the studio. I suggested they write lyrics for this and use it on the album. So it took on the title Out Of Time and the structure of this iteration of the song remained basically the same but with a proper melody line this time. I later remixed the album version, which was completely re-produced in the style of the band, into a version which more closely resembled the 2001 production I originally did. The lyrical content of this version was split into both male and female vocals making it a kind of duet.

While compiling the Candor album in 2022, I decided to redo this track, as I felt it was one of my strongest compositions. I used the original lyrics from the Ob3lisk version but rewrote some of them slightly to make the subject matter a little more acute.

Lyrically, this song is open to interpretation, but you can assume that the underlying theme is one of reaching a state of stoicism.


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Out Of Time


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Out Of Time (Documentary Mix)


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Every Second Counts (Demo)


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fob 37
Every Second Counts

Key ft. oceanwings