Black Boxx



Andrew Rothman is a musician/composter I met through the Art Of Noise notice boards and subsequence remix project “The Abuction of the Art of Noise”. He had written his own songs and put together a remix project for this track. I was able to complete a remix, but not until after the deadline for submissions. I submitted it to him anyway.

The remix was based on an unfinished EtherReal track I was working on called Black Boxx.


Black Boxx


The original unfinished track.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©2001 Woof Boom Productions.


Chameleon On Paisley (EtherReal’s Everything’s Gone Plaid Remix)

Andrew Rothman

The remix for Andrew Rothman. It has been slowed down a bit. All this was done in Fast Tracker.