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Abduction Of The Art Of Noise

Back in the days of BBS and fan forums, a bunch of musicians and Art of Noise fans decided to put together a tribute album. There were a lot of really good submission on there, but there was not a lot of them to make a full album. As a result, I went to town and created three covers that all ended up being on the album. This was released digitally in 2001, prior to the AON-sanctioned remix album of the same name in 2004.

All my tracks were completed using Fast Tracker, which was still my platform at the time. Samples of the original tracks were used when possible.

Lock R90
Instruments Of Darkness (Stay In Step)


Lock R100
A Time For Fear (Timeless)


Lock R110
(Go) Donna (Go)

Perpetual Emotion Vs. The Art Of Noise


written by Dudley, Horn, Langan, Morley, Jeczalik. produced, arranged and (re)mixed by Perpetual Emotion Machine.