(A Moment In) Love

The Art Of Noise

After completing three tracks for the Art of Noise tribute compilation in 2001, I was trying to get another one going, but no one was biting. So I took it upon myself to release an ‘EP’ of covers/remixes into the interwebs. There was hope for another one after this, but it was never completed.

This cover/remix of Moments In Love began as an experiment but then transformed into a track that really turned out well. I overlooked most of the melodic elements of the original track and only focused on the hook and tried to make it ‘ambient’. I also sequenced it in triplets rather than 4/4 time to give it a unique tempo. Finally, I added some subtlely mixed but real life orgasm (not mine) to make it sexy.


written by Dudley, Horn, Langan, Morley, Jeczalik. produced, arranged and (re)mixed by Perpetual Emotion Machine.