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A Matter Of Degrees

Perpetual Emotion Machine

from Chain, Chain, Chain


This is one of those songs where I started working on a track solely because I wanted a track to have a certain title. ‘It’s a matter of degrees’ was honestly the answer I got when I asked a soon to be former girlfriend if she still loved me. Shitty answer, but a great title.

The piano part was a bit of a masterstroke for me. I step recorded them into my DAW, and later discovered I couldn’t play the chords on my keyboard.

Another track which I like, but feel is unfinished. I wanted more piano on it, but Archie who played on several of my other tracks wasn’t available. There are also lyrics to this which I never recorded and later lost. There is a possibility that a version of this may appear on a forthcoming collection, I keep coming back to it whenever I sit down to play.

Fob 27
Lock 1220
A Matter Of Degrees

Perpetual Emotion Machine


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine. ©2010 Key.