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Fob 19
Earl Three

2009 EP

Not the original artwork.

This was an early attempt to do a covers EP. It was not released and some of the files were lost for a while, until I Was able to recover them from an old CD-R.

The first song is Erasure’s B-side from 1993, Ghost. It has always been one of my favourite tracks from them, because of it’s relative darkness, compared to the other material of theirs from the era. I tried to recreate it as best I could from their version but with more stomp.

The other is a cover of ‘Beethoven (I Love To listen To)‘, by Eurythmics, from their 1987 album Savage. I tried a few times to make my own version but this was the only one that stuck. I thought it would be an interesting idea for a male voice to be singing these lyrics, which was the main idea for doing it in the first place.

These were completed in 2009 and there is a dub version of each.

Listen To 2X2



Ghost (Dub)

Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)

Beethoven (I Dub 2)