Where Are You

This song is track three on Omega, and was a collaboration with my sister.

The track began as an experiment to try and create a track that sounded like Underworld circa 1994. I wanted something long and ambient but dance-worthy also.

When the sequencing was finished, I thought that it needed something and tried to write lyrics, some kind of a tone poem, but it was not something I was used to doing. In the end I put out a call to all my writer friends asking if they had any poems that would be willing to contribute, and I got this one from my sister entitled “Where Were You”. I liked the tone of it so I recorded myself reciting it into a set of headphones plugged into my mic jack which gave it a really lo-fi sound. Then I manually chopped it up and elongated it in spots in a wave editor and distributed it across the length of the song.

The poem tells of a lonely soul, abandoned, questioning the loyalty of those around them, and then discovering — by way of necessity — their own inner strength.

Where Are You is the track that I started to rediscover the sound of my favourite instrument, the piano. It begins to appear more commonly in my work after this.


Where Are You (Original Version)

Where Are You (The Immaculate Contraption Remix)

Where Are You (Demo Instumental)

Where Are You (Demo Vox)

A Promise (Univox)