Perpetual Emotion Machine

The pseudonym under which I write music since 2005 is the culmination of a decade of frustration with the limited resources I had access to up until then. With the advent of affordable DAW software like FL Studio, I was able to finally break out of the tracker world and into proper production.

Typically, the bursts of creativity came from periods where I was going through hard time (as I suppose is the case of all creative minds) and the result is a series of EPs and an album (as well as some loose tracks) that constitute this body of work.

Many of the items are based on EtherReal pieces but disguised in such a way that you wouldn’t notice.



The first full length album of original PEM material.

The Flight Deck


This was a single containing remixes of the title track from Omega.



I consider this to be an EP containing remixes from Omega and new material also.

Luz En Oscuridad


A collaboration single which is independant of the albums.

Port Moody

2007 EP (withdrawn)

This was a single/EP concept that was never realized.

The Unforetold


The second album of PEM material.

Bad Day


An EP with remixes from The Unforetold.

Chain Chain Chain


An EP with remixes from The Unforetold.



This is a EP with remixes spanning both albums.

Other Tracks

2011 – Present