Perpetual Emotion Machine
from The Unforetold

Nirasha was another inspiration from Juno Reactor, particularly Pistolero and various tracks from Bible of Dreams. I like this one a lot because it has this illusion of being almost two time signatures at once — You think it’s one timing, then the percussion happens and your perception of it changed.

Nirasha‘ is a Hindi word ( निराशा) meaning despair. I don’t remember any specific despair at the time I wrote this song, but it was definitely a rough period. I wanted something aggressive and beautiful at the same time. I also wanted something ethnic sounding. I plagiarized myself and used the same chord progression from Seven Minute Armada, but just added a little bit extra to resolve it.

The demo version is a rougher mix, has less piano in it, a different guitar sample, some percussion that later disappeared and a different reso-sound in the middle section than the final version. The final version is much fuller. Both have a rather cold ending that I’ve always been kind of unhappy with, but have grown used to.

Perpetual Emotion Machine


Nirasha (Demo Penultimate)


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine.

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