Mag 6.7

On Omega, this is track five, a hard trance trip into paranoia.


When it was decided that my young daughter and her mother were moving out to the west coast, I was launched into all sorts of fears. My main aversion to that area is earthquakes. Sometime before they had made the decision, there was a tectonic event with a Richter of 6.7 that I had read about on the news and this didn’t make things any better for me.

Ultimately, I was unable to convince anyone to call off the trip, which I suppose was reasonable — my fear was mostly irrational and amplified by the other reasons I didn’t want this to happen. But I did write this song in response to the anxiety this move caused in me.

I was planning to overdub news footage audio of a real quake, but I thought that would be too transparent in the end.


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine.


Underworld, Union Jack

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