I’m Not Dead / 1.269 And Rising

Perpetual Emotion Machine
from Omega

I had envisioned this to be a two-part title, but not a two part song.

I was feeling particularly anxious the morning I wrote this. It was a Sunday, and I think I probably had some disturbing dreams, although I don’t remember them. I went to the store to get cigarettes and then came back and wrote this. The song is basically about that trip down the block and back.

Why, you may ask? I can’t say. When I wrote it, that’s just what came out. But in retrospect, all you need to know about the song is in the title. “I’m Not Dead” is a phrase I’ve often used to describe myself, coupled with “I can’t believe…”. That part of the song is very atmospheric and in a major key with some augmented forths thrown in, and builds up to a nice climax. It reminds me of a city waking up, and thats usually when I’m shocked that I’ve followed suit once again. “1.269 And Rising” is a reaction to the gas price I saw when I got to the corner: this was just after the rash of natural disasters that shut down the oil refineries in the States for a little while.

The whole arrangement smacks of Underworld and Orbital, and that’s exactly what I sat down to do: write an epic ‘track one’ that was at least on par with “Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream Of Love” or “Cups” by Underworld.



I’M NOT DEAD / 1.269 AND RISING (2014 Drum & Bass Interpretation)