Beat Box (Perversion Two)

The Art Of Noise

After completing three tracks for the Art of Noise tribute compilation in 2001, I was trying to get another one going, but no one was biting. So I took it upon myself to release an ‘EP’ of covers/remixes into the interwebs. There was hope for another one after this, but it was never completed.

This was the second of two remixes of Beat Box that were completed. I consider this to be both a remix and a cover as I did use samples from the original but I also added enough new material that it has a unique style. This version was based on the middle section of the original ‘Diversion One’ and has the original melody line as the central theme of the mix.


written by Dudley, Horn, Langan, Morley, Jeczalik. produced, arranged and (re)mixed by Perpetual Emotion Machine.