Hard Candy

Perpetual Emotion Machine
fromĀ The Unforetold

Hard Candy was completed shortly after Bad Day and became the third section of the three-part opener to The Unforetold.

The concept of the track began as a chiptune that my friend Sanaa Rush sent to me. It was the main chord progression and the piano triads. I added the production and the other elements of the song. As I was heavily into working on Bad Day at the time, there were a lot of similarities in the mix that prompted me to add it to the end of the triumvirate (originally I was just going to leave it as Bad Day/Dad’s Day). Once I had decided to add it at the end, I was able to bring elements from the first part into the third and the arrangement came full circle.

Perpetual Emotion Machine

The Unforetold: Bad Day / Dad’s Day / Hard Candy

Hard Candy (Isolated)

Hard Candy (Edit)

The Nine-Oh-Five: Hard Candy (Stripped) / Dad’s Day (Extended) / Bad Day (Overloaded)


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine and. Sanaa Rush. remix and additional production on The Nine-Oh-Five by OCIII.

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