2007 EP (WOOF 8)

Glory became a remix album/EP but began as an attempt at a second album. I was struggling with new material and this the reason behind the change.

The album starts off quite dark, gets a little aggressive and then settles down to just a driving beat at the end. Among the standout tracks on this are Bringr, a rare drum and bass outing, and SEE, which was co-written with keyboardist Archie McDonald, and features his playing throughout. Also not to be missed is Port Moody, an instrumental electro piece that was originally slated for a single — the withdrawn WOOF 9 — and whose remixes appear later in the PEM catalog. 

Read About The Songs

We Are Paradox
The Space Between
Where Are You (The Immaculate Contraption Remix)
Return To Flight Deck
Non Sequitur #2
Port Moody

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