I took this pseudonym to write music for the tracker community. When I say ‘community’, I mean that while a tracker community existed, I wasn’t really in it.

Tracker software such as ScreamTracker and FastTracker (both of which I used) allowed you to make comparatively low fidelity music using home computers. Mainly it was used for video game music, but there were a significant number of creators out there sharing music. I stumbled upon it through a friend who was sick of me complaining that I couldn’t afford a synthesizer and this is how my musical journey began. More or less.

The ‘albums’ shown below were never released in any conventional way — in fact none of my music was. But you will find that the quality of the recordings below are indicative of the technology available to me and not necessarily reflective of my original vision.

And as was the style at the time, elements were sampled, lifted and pilfered in order to create these tracks. With love of course.

Pieces Of 8


Mainly rave influenced tracks. These were all released into the ‘scene’.



My first attempt at an album of material, varying styles but mainly trance.

Bite Me


I focused more on beat construction for this collection.

The Flower Of Humanity


This album was mainly influenced by downtempo and experimental.



The last EtherReal album was an amalgam of tracks that I couldn’t place elsewhere.



An ongoing project to revamp and reproduce some of the order tracks from EtherReal.

Other EtherReal Material

Chiptunes, demos, tributes and remixes.